Interested in rolling in some dough for your school, club, sports team, or charity? At Cinnaroll, we believe in the simple things, like the delight of gourmet baked Cinnarolls made with high-quality ingredients and helping organizations flourish.

Since 1999, we have been helping fundraising organizations successfully raise funds throughout North America. Our commitment to only creating the highest quality gourmet product has made us popular with families for years, so it’s only natural that fundraisers selling Cinnaroll cinnamon rolls would be a huge success. Our fundraising products are made with the same high-quality ingredients and processes used in the manufacturing of all of our fabulous baked goods, and everyone enjoys helping build their local community while also receiving a delicious product.

Our fundraising products are available through Fundraising Distributors in both Canada and the USA. To learn more about our unique fundraising products and how to purchase, please fill out the contact form to be contacted by a Cinnaroll representative.