What Makes Us Special

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Cinnaroll is a Canadian company, located in Calgary, Alberta with 28 years of expertise as we have been baking one of the best tasting cinnamon rolls & twists since 1994. With a rich history in the baking industry in North America, only the finest ingredients are used.

• Canadian Wheat sourced from local farmers
• Indonesian “Dragon” Cinnamon that is non-GMO, organic and sustainably grown
• Philadelphia Cream Cheese with natural vanilla flavor in our secret frosting.
• Rich Brown Sugar
• Vegan margarine from Canadian canola.
• Our recipe contains no artificial flavor’s or coloring’s and is Kosher certified
• Plant-based
• Vegan margarine from Canadian canola
• Nothing artificial on our ingredient list 
• Nostalgic flavor’s that remind us of the “good old days” and invoke comfort
• Environmentally friendly packaging, less waste  

Our dough recipe and process are similar to a laminated pastry – the result – a moist, tender, fluffy bakery product that has a frozen shelf life of 12 months and a 14-day ambient shelf-life. Discover the potential of our Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls and Pastries.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Our product is Hand-Crafted, and Hand-Frosted Our artisan Cinnamon Rolls and Cinnamon Twists are hand-finished to give them a distinctive, home baked appearance, with maximum amount of frosting for enjoyment. Hand frosted, promises the quality Cinnaroll is known for. We use only the best ingredients in our secret frosting, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, an established brand and the standard in baking. Our tempting secret recipe contains only natural flavors.

Dragon Cinnamon

• Produced & imported from Indonesia
• Non-GMO & Sustainable Cinnamon
• The highest grade available with a distinct sweet & spicy flavor

Our specialty cinnamon has a high oil content giving our baked treats their distinct taste, sweet and spicy. When mixed with rich brown sugar -creates an enticing bakery aroma in customer’s homes, inviting them to repurchase.

Learn why our customers will “heat, share, eat, repeat”

What Makes Us Special

Whether you’re celebrating the first snowfall of the season or need a warm embrace after a hard day, cinnamon rolls have become a symbol of comfort and delight in our busy world. The aroma of sweet cinnamon can calm even the most frantic days. As you take that first bite, we’re sure you’ll agree a cinnamon roll is as much an emotional experience as it is food.

Our Products

At Cinnaroll, we are committed to only offering the best baked goods created with the finest ingredients. In our gourmet cinnamon rolls and twists, you’ll find a delicious blend of real brown sugar and distinctive cinnamon bursting from sweet dough made with Canadian wheat grown in our western prairies. Each cinnamon roll is hand finished with our delicious signature cream cheese frosting. Each cinnamon twist has layers of Danish pastry hand twisted and baked to perfection. Each product is finished by hand to ensure quality and to give it a home-baked appearance. From our home to homes across Canada and the US, we’re proud to offer our Cinnaroll’s to our retailers and partners.

Our Values

We have always desired to bring the warmth and comfort that only a gourmet crafted cinnamon roll can offer to everyone around the world. While times may have changed, the Cinnaroll has always been a symbol of traditional family values and home-baked goodness.

Our Thaw & Sell Approach

Our thaw and sell approach are a key feature enabling retailers to merchandise and sell our fabulous baked goods without the cost and mess associated with baking in-house. Our baked good are shipped frozen, allowing you to thaw and merchandise only the amount of product you wish at any given time, thereby giving you complete control of freshness and product cost. 

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